More screenshots

Here's the latest.

Edit: I've added some more screenshots to the gallery, with tasty vertical symmetry imposed by mirroring.

Here I'm trying out some different maps, and also incorporating a camera feed, which is what gives it the more fuzzy, organic look. The geometric patterns with n-way radial symmetry come from z' = z*c, which gives simple scaling and rotation. The squished circles come from z' = sin(real(p) + t) + i*sin(imag(p)), where p = z^2 + c and t is a real parameter.


  1. Possible next steps :
    seamless transition between sheep mode and perceptrix mode
    expanding the environment, in which I mean have something like a 3D tree textured by the frame buffer ( add support for arbitrary 3D surfaces as maps )
    and of course generalising the function space and refining the interface

  2. ps : implemented some of this post in perceptron yesterday, good fun

  3. Yeah.. these are still really good, I cant quite reproduce them ( some day when I have time to write shader programs ).

    I think you could probably do a show wit these ? Can I try compiling this again ? Is this open sourced anywhere ?