It was probably the first time anyone had handed this tattoo artist a copy of The Human Brain Coloring Book as reference material, but this didn't seem to be a career milestone. He liked that it was braaainnnzz, though. So did some of the other artists. They kept stopping in to hold conversations, many consisting (so far as I could tell, with my head mashed into the chair) of "Ooh, it's a braaainnnzz, eh?"

The white things are neurons; the quote is from Hilbert the year before Goedel published his Incompleteness Theorem. (Likewise I have answers to "zomg wedding dress," "zomg AIDS," and "wtf," although the last is a bit involved.) The only unfortunate thing at this point is the total failure of such an endeavor to generate a dinner story. Ah well. Perhaps indirectly.

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