k: human consciousness is a very complicated thing
k: i can only hope that it's based on a few simple tricks
m: the cortical maps certainly make it seem like its less complicated than previously indicated
m: its pretty frightening actually
m: the experience of information.. being nothing more than the existence of that information
k: yeah
k: it is
m: its a statement of identity
m: that should have been obvious

More Pretty

This version should be available for download from here.

The following have been added :
  • new maps
  • more color modes
  • changed the reflection modes
  • on screen state display
  • ability to define custom maps at runtime ( shift + E )
  • ability to save screenshots and settings ( shift + S )
  • ability to define presets in the settings file
I suppose I should probably write down what the various keys do... but guessing randomly will be more fun.


Biff and I have been playing with Perceptron....



from z|z| + c


Its a thing... it does stuff... maybe

This probably won't work, if it does I can't explain how or what its supposed to be doing. Most of the rules it generates seem to degenerate into point clouds or rings. I'm sorry, theres nothing much exciting going on here, life's been pretty dull.