Breakthrough Together, or Break Apart

I'm spending the summer with the goods folks at the Breakthrough Institute, and as part of that, they have us blogging. Entry #1 has arrived.

No country remains great forever; Britain, Spain, Rome, all declined and fell. For many, the 20th century was the American Golden Age, and all that's left is its inevitable decline. Washington DC is a city defined by gridlock and partisan paralysis. Corporations make record breaking profits while unemployment remains stubbornly high. And above all looms the rising power of China, with its billion citizens, rocket-like growth, and the expanding influence of the "Beijing Consensus" of authoritarian capitalism, all of which threatens to surpass America as the leading world power within a few decades. But a decline in American standards of living and international prestige can still be averted. Lessons from international development can, and should, be applied at home.

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