I am an RSS feed classifier

Thanks to Google Reader, I now spend much of my time trying to keep up with an unbelievable flood of information from the blogosphere. I'm now tagging the stuff I find interesting; there's also a RSS feed of that. I'm working through a large backlog right now, so it will be moving fast.

I know I'm late at getting into it, but the ideas behind this blogging / RSS / Web 2.0 stuff are really cool -- everyone produces a little bit of content while filtering and correlating other content. Of course, this is the same thing humans have been doing for millennia, but we're reaching unprecedented levels of participation, connectivity, and information processing rate. How far can this growth continue before we start to see fundamental shifts in the nature of human thought -- or have these shifts already occurred, maybe out of sight of our limited perspective? Maybe the development of language was such a shift, and we've just been pushing the performance of that development ever higher.

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  1. I am just finally starting to use Google Reader. I suspect the information will be overwhelming. At the moment I haven't figured out how to subscribe to your stream as another feed, it just doesn't show up in the subscriptions. Mostly I am using it to aggregate scientific journals. You seem to be using it to aggregate comics about hacking, hallucinogens, and philosophy.