Botborg: more video feedback art

'Botborg is a practical demonstration of the theories of Dr Arkady Botborger (1923-81), founder of the 'occult' science of Photosonicneurokineasthography - translated as "writing the movement of nerves through use of sound and light". Botborg claim that sound, light, three-dimensional space and electrical energy are in fact one and the same phenomena, and that the capacity of machines to alter our neural impulses will bring about the next stage in human evolution.'

I like the concept, but it's kinda ugly. In a pure visual-aesthetics sense, I think we could do better. On the flip side, it's also nicely disturbing (it makes some nice growling noises).

On a related note, do any of you know anything about applying to art schools in new-media art? I have some idea of which schools I'd apply to, but no idea how to convince them to take me seriously (or indeed how to convince myself to take me seriously).


  1. ...yes we could do better. I'm secretly harboring ambitions of applying for some strange grant between the Carnegie Mellon fine arts and Computer Science schools. Also, Sherpajack mentioned something about media art exhibitions .. why not skip the degree and go straight to the people?

  2. Update :

    after demoing perceptron to an art student here at CMU, I have been pointed to the following :


    Is it possible that we can be useful enough to media artists as programmers & engineers to actually get art grant money and do this stuff ?