Jesus Died For Somebody's Sins, But Not Mine

In my college tour of doom, the first school I had the joy of visiting was Hampshire. My good friend Dusty goes there, and she told me to get in early, because Sunday was their annual Easter Keg Hunt, a magical time where students from all over the 5 colleges come to Hampshire to get their drunk on.

I arrived at 1:45, called my contact Dusty, and she immediately handed me a mug full of delicious high quality beer that tasted of blueberries and love. We went back to her place, where they had a keg of the stuff in the shower. Several glasses later, I found myself in an another apartment with a massive stoner circle of hippies, passing around Isaac Haze, one of the the largest, most powerful bongs I have ever experienced. I ran into a guy who'll I'll call Dave, a Physics/Math double major who "took a lot of acid, and realized that reality was an illusion, and that only through insanity could we find the truth." Generally, one of the crazier people I've met.

Shortly thereafter, a bunch of us went for a walk in the woods. We had only got 20 feet in when we found another keg. After more drinking and wandering, I got cold, and headed back to Dusty's place. Inside were a bunch of U Mass students, and some hot Hampshire artists, who were passing around these truly epic blunts and playing Mario Kart 64. After 3 of those deadly fatties, I felt the tiredness coming on, and I passed out on Dusty's floor.

All in all, a truly epic day.

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