I am at the airport. There is something morbidly comical about advertisements at the security lines. Every inch where attention is captive, even the plastic bins in which one must place shoes, belts, jackets, toothpaste, shampoo, and computers. These are the tar sands of advertising, squeezing a few last seconds from our unconsenting visual systems. It's ok, I suppose, it just feels strange that a government mandated program should seek advertising revenue. It's like having commercials playing on loop at the line in the department of motor vehicles, or having the social security office sponsored buy CocaCola.

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  1. Ha, I think I told you about the highway drug checkpoints in Mexico, right? Where they have even a snackbar where you can buy some cheetoes and coke while four soldiers with automatic weapons poke through your car. It's almost like, why doesn't TSA have this? Cheetoes make me feel so much better about my privacy.

  2. This is kind of awesome. Panopticon, brought to you by CheeZPuffs™®©, please enjoy your indefinite detainment responsibly.

  3. According to one of the presentations at STGlobal this weekend, airports are transitioning from a 'travel related' to 'non-travel' revenue stream, and in fact, these days, 50% of airport revenue comes from non-air travel related sources. I.E. advertisements, shopping, and squeezing every last cent out of you that they can.

    This is why I believe in precisely one conspiracy theory. Even though liquid bombs are impossible, after they banned liquids from security, airport revenue went up so much that they decided to keep the policy. Cause you know, it's not like we have alternatives or anything.