uncanny valley ? Whenever we talk about AI in the lab, the assumption always is that the first AIs will resemble people with profound mental retardation or brain damage. That said, having an AI that can pass for a person with mental disability is still a major milestone. I don't think this represents that... I'm hoping that most of these responses are hard coded in a vast dictionary somewhere ( are we certain ours are not ? I know that I hash bits of conversation and store them for later, but I'm weird ).


  1. It sounds like the dictionary isn't even that vast, it's just idiosyncratic. It might even be a step back from Eliza, since the mechanical voice prevents people from getting seriously tricked by it.

  2. I just like its spaced out expression of somewhat with advancing Alzheimer's.

    I remember having a bot called Azile ... backwards Eliza, who would just get you to open up to it and then crush you into suicidal despair.

  3. Its stuff like this that makes me believe the Chinese Room Argument is Correct