I believe many of the effects of this exhibit could be reproduced with properly constructed multicolored strobe light goggles.


  1. Anonymous10.3.09

    Could you post more specifics on the design of said goggles? Also, awesome blog.

  2. Ok, Keegan and I are ( maybe ? ) working on building these somewhat cheaply. I'm terribly overworked from now until the Summer, but basically :

    This is run from an arduino board, using the PWM output pins to drive 2 3 channel ( RGB ) LEDs in various strobe patterns. The goggles themselves use ping pong balls to diffuse the light uniformly. The ping pong balls are cut not quite in half and super-glued back together so that you are looking at a cup shaped region, with an LED about .5 cm behind it. The goggles are just swimming goggles.